Bandish Ka Tod

Bandish Ka Tod

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Bandish Ka Tod

Bandish Ka Tod,You can overcome any obstacle or bandish of life just by having faith in god and yourself. It is important to understand problem that you are experiencing so that you efforts can be guided towards its resolution and remedies can be suggested based on the nature of problem or bandish that you are experiencing in achieving a particular task.

Bandish Ka Tod

Bandish Ka Tod

Bandish Ka Tod

But it is not easy to know what exactly is hindering your way but still you don’t have to worry as the expert astrologer have great experience in finding out the nature your problem based on which they can suggest the remedies that will allow you to overcome the obstacles.

Generally speaking whenever you find yourself surrounded with some problems that are hindering in pursuing your goals then you can go for Adityahridya stotra paath. It will allow you to overcome the banddish or challenges that you are experiencing in your day to day life.

What all you need to do is a anusthaan for 11 days. Every day you have to do the paath of 11 times and once you are done with doing the paath for 11 times, now take some red flower, roli, akshat and some sweets or sugar in a copper vesssel and offer this to God Sun.

But while offering this make sure you are chanting the mantra “om ghrini suryaay namaha” for 11 times. This need to be done at the time of sunrise and while doing so you are must stare at the sun.

Bandish Ka Tod

The Adityahridya stotra paath is performed by seating on a “kush” mat.If this paath is performed in an honest and dedicated way will allow you to overcome the obstacle or bandish of any kind and can better assure your success.

If you find that people are criticising you or creating obstacle or your business is suffering from some bandish,then you must take 1.25m of black cloth, 1.25kg of oil, 1.25kg of urad dal and 1.25kg of seesam seeds and a piece of metal iron.

Put all these items in a seperate package and make one put them in a single package or make a “Potli” of these items. Now take the package on your head while chanting the mantra “om sham shatru vinaashaaya namaha” and offer this package or potli to the God Shani.

For a better result you can do this on Saturday, it will be of great help to you and your business and people will not be able to disturb either you or your business. This is a powerful remedy to overcome the impact of the saade saati also. The more you perform this, the more your critics will calm down and your karobar or business will flourish in a great way.

Furthermore usually it is found that you have business enemies for wrong reasons. To overcome the enmity of all those who are against you just because of some misunderstand you can use the mantra “Om Hrim”.

This mantra should be chanted of 108 times facing east and seating on a yellow mat. You have to use a bead made of yellow turmeric and the mantra should be chanted in the night. But you have to be very sure that you are right and the reason for enmity is misunderstanding and nothing else before starting this mantra.

Bandish Ka Tod

Roots of Shammi tree are used to overcome shadi ki bandish. They are looked upon as one of the best remedies to overcome the challenges confronted in getting married.

All you have to do is to wear these roots around your neck either on Monday or Saturday and the roots should be tied in a black or red thread. It will allow you to come out as a winner in any situation and you are able to create a positive impression on people around you. Further, if you are surrounded with negative thoughts the you can chant the Mantra

“Ya devi sarv-bhuteyshu shanti roopain sansitha, namastasyay namastasyay namastasyay namo namaha”

every morning and evening for eleven times. This will keep you encourage, motivated and clam throughout the day.

At many occasions it is found that couples are childless while they have no medical issue and all their astrological stars are favourable enough to bless them with a child.

Bandish Ka Tod

It is just because so some sort of bandinsh applied on them to be childless. But all such couples have no need to worry about such bandish or obstacles created to keep them childless as astrology has many solutions to overcome these challenges. Below is the mantra to overcome the bandish of child.


The manta is known as santan Gopal mantra. It is very powerful to for childless couples and has the power to bless you with a child in spite of any adversity. Regular chanting of this mantra creates vibrant energy and dissolves all the huddles in your way to get a child. It has the power to enhance mental peace and can bless you with a child at earliest.

The mantra should be chanted on a tulsi rosary. Swetpushp and peet pushp should be offered to Lord Krishna while praying for a child. This mantra needs to be chanted for 125,000 times. Sukl pakch , Chandravali , Subh Nakchatra and Subhtithi are the best time for performing this mantra of jap.

Bandish Ka Tod

The way doctor suggest you medicines for your good health the astrologer suggest you remedies to correct the planetary position of your horoscope. The astrology has solution for all your problems and in spite of all your efforts if you are not able to overcome the bandish or obstacles of your life then astrology is the only way to overturn these challenges. All you need is to have faith rest is best assured by astrology.

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