Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

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Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana is an ancient teaching of mystical powers. It ensures that the performer is going to have spiritual liberation and bestowed with supernatural powers. The roots of tantra sadhna can be found  from pre-vedic civilisation.



Tantrasadhna has several areas like Jain tantra, Indian tantra, Muslim Tandta and others. In simple words, we can say that it is performed in all the religion and all the countries across the world. And if we talk about Indian tantra sadhna it is divided into Sri VidyaTantra, Tantra of Natha and many other tantras. Tantric Sadhana is a practice in which the practitioner sits on a deceased  body to meditate. The Vamachara is the main stream of Tantric Sadhana.

Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

The aspiration or desire to do Tantric Sadhana changes as the need and the situation of the person changes. The Tantric Sadhana basically aims at uniting the Kundalini with the perfect sole Lord Shiva.If we see from Tantric sage’s thoughtful, it signifies dissolution from the worldly pleasure.

and connecting with the Absolute divine, with the Lord Shiva and the super divine Mother Shakti to get rid of suffering of the vicious circle of birth, death and reincarnation. The accomplishment of this has completely undergone above the orthodox perception of purity and impurity.

In Hindu Mythology owl is one of the auspicious and the pious bird as it is the mode of communication for Goddess Lakshmi. But due to misconception and lack of knowledge people are scared of owls. But this is wrong, Hindu mythology says if you are disrespecting owl you are disrespecting Goddess Lakshmi as well.

In the Hindu religion, it is considered as a symbol of wealth and progress. But it also considered as possessing some negative powers. As it is believed that if an owl is seen on your roof, it brings death of someone in your house or your neighbour.

Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

Still, ullu or owl is the most favorite and bird of the goddess Lakshmi and this is the reason it is the most revered bird in Hinduism. It’s the closeness of the bird to the goddess of prosperity and wealth, that makes owl a medium to communicate the goddess Lakshmi.

during the festival of Diwali, various remedies related to ullu are performed to gain prosperity, wealth and happiness. There are several businesses that uses the logo and insignia of owl to achieve success in and prosperity in their businesses. And they are able to achieve great success in their businesses.

Owl or Ullu plays a great role in tantrik Sadhna, it is the tantrik community who discovered the hidden secret of ulluSadhna to appease the goddess of prosperity and wealth. But it is important to note and understand that the revered bird should not be harmed to make any personal gain.

if you have performed any sandhna or remedy related to Owl, naturally fallen feathers of the bird can only be used. There are various Hindu organizations across the India who work of the protection of the Owls.

There are various remedies or ullu tantra mantra prayog that can help you in increasing wealth, happiness in married life and growth of family. It is believed that if the picture of an Owl is placed near the place where money is kept in the office or home it will allow to gain wealth and prosperity throughout the year. But remember it should be placed during Pradosh.

Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

There are Owl related remedies that are of great use in making a happy married life. Owl nail along with red vermillion should be knotted in a red cloth to make a pouch. And the pouch should be kept in the make up box. The remedy assures a happy married life.

Feather of peacock and owl should be tied with the thread of red color and hanged on the main entrance of the house. But this should be done at the festival of Diwali for great benefits. The remedy provides good health, knowledge, wisdom and prosperity to the family as a whole.

Ullu se vashikaran/jadu has a great impact. It is believed that if a person if a an eye liner prepared with the use of Owl nail put (kajal) this in his eyes and confronts his/her enemy, the enemy will be speechless and frightened and never dare to oppose or create hurdle in his/her path. And if the nails of owl are put in a silver holder and tied as a locket or talisman around the neck of the child such child will always be protected from the evil eye.

Ullu Vashikaran Tantra Sadhana

Further, the Owl’s nail has great vashikaran power also, and it is believed that if the nails of the Owl are put over and rubbed on the head of a person, such person can easily be bound by the spell of vashikaran and can be easily controlled.

Ullutantra mantra prayog is very powerful, Vulture nails along with the nails of the Owl are placed on the chest of a sleeping person, such a person will disclose all the secrets of his/her life before you. And not only the person will reveal all the things about himself rather he will let you know all he has with him. But remember the prayog should be done under the supervision of an expert only, as there are chances that it will rebound.

There are several remedies, mantra and tantra where the central theme or role is played by Owl. But it is very important that the bird should not be harmed for any personal benefits. All the remedies should be performed by the natural disposes of the Owl, then only the desired benefit can expected.

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