Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra

Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra
Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra
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Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra

Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra, If you are brave, you should not fear away from your enemies. You should face them with courage. Mantra will help you to get over your enemies. The above mantra is Maran Mantra for enemies. This mantra kills your enemies and removes them from your life.

Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra
Destroy Your Enemy Kali Mantra

“Om Kreem Kreem Kreem Kaalike Kleem Kleem Kleem Saarv Shaathrunaaaam Praahaaryaa Bhaanjaayaa Maaraayaa Visfothyaa Kleem Kleem Kleem Kreem Kreem Kreem Phaath”


Enemies can come in disguise of friend in your life. The kali mantra to control enemy that we have mentioned above will give you control over them.

Method to chant the mantra:

Follow the below mentioned guidelines to get best results of the mantra chanting:

  1. Sit on a red mat while you are about to chant the mantra.
  2. Face towards south.
  3. Keep a picture of Kali in front of you.
  4. Lit an oil lamp and keep it on your left.
  5. Offer flowers and vermilion to Goddess Kali.
  6. Chant the mantra for 108 times.

Effects of the mantra

The effects of this mantra are strong and far reaching. The following benefits can be achieve by the proper chanting of this mantra:

  1. You get to know your enemies.
  2. The mantra safeguards for the black magic of your enemies.
  3. People chanting this verse regularly are protected from disturbing elements in their lives.
  4. They are free from external manipulators
  5. Work, home and other places are free from any negativity.

Kill the enemy

Astrology gives several options of Puja and mantra to win over enemies. In this competitive world we want to win in each sector. But, our enemies hold our path and block our success.

Successful people have many jealous enemies who want to destroy them. Failures cannot be happy with other’s success. They always find ways to destroy other’s happiness.

Chant the kali mantra to punish enemies to teach a lesson.

Mantra: -aaum chaamunde hri kraaaa kraa uthaangthaa hthaah faatt swaaha.


This is one of the most powerful mantra to kill enemies. There is no prohibition of this mantra. The disturbing creating creature will have no option to save himself from the effects of this mantra.

This is a powerful revenge mantra. It has fierce super natural powers that destroys the enemy.

Guidelines to chant the mantra:

  1. It’s necessary to chant this mantra at the zero hours.
  2. Do not wear anything when you chant this mantra. This will use all your body energy to make its way to your enemy.
  3. If possible go to any cemetery to read this verse. This will give the most powerful effects.
  4. Keep a human bone in front of you to help the spirit of the manta reach your target.
  5. Chant the mantra for 1000 times for 7 days.
  6. Burn the bone after 7 days of chanting.

No one and nothing could save your enemy from dying if you chant this mantra with all your spirit and energy. The fume releases from the burning bone will finish off your enemy. He will suffer severely and breathe his last.

Trouble from enemies

Kali mantra can help to remove all effects of your enemies. You can have enemy at your house or work. You might not be getting your deserved promotion due to your enemy. Business also suffers due to the influence of enemies.

Kali powerful mantra for protection:

Om Tryaambaakaam Yaajāmaahe ||

Sugaandhi mPushti-Vaardhaanaam ||

UrvaaRukaami vaaBaandhaanān ||

Mrityurmuk shīyaaMāmritāt ||

Enemies can perform black magic on your success and block every path of your happiness. You have to get rid of them by astrological help. A professional astrological consultant can only identify the need of mantra power in your life. He can suggest you the best mantra to achieve:

  1. Success in job or business
  2. Make your house enemies silent
  3. Promotion in job
  4. Increase of salary at job
  5. Generation of more revenue at business
  6. Live a peaceful life
  7. Get the most out of your efforts
  8. Remove effects of black magic from your life

Enemy removal

You can remove your enemies by chanting the following mantra. This mantra will shrink all their powers and make them completely silent. They will not be in a position to harm you anymore. Their physical and mental energies will be locked by this mantra.


Om Krim Krim Krim Kaalikaaye Klim Klim Klim Saarv Shaathrunaaaam Praahaaryaaaa Bhaanjyaaaa Maaryaa Visfothyaaaa Klim Klim Klim Krim Krim Krim Phaaaath Swaahaa ||

This mantra is powerful to win court cases and legal issues against your enemies. If you are contesting any legal case against your enemy, then you should read this verse before every trial.

Chant the mantra by following these guidelines:

  1. Chant the mantra after bathing.
  2. Sit on a woolen mat and concentrate on your enemy.
  3. You can imagine their faces for better concentration.
  4. Think about the harassment that they have caused in your life.
  5. This will generate your revenge spirit and support the chanting.
  6. Take some holy water in your palm and recite the verse for 108 times.
  7. Sprinkle the holy water on you after you finish chanting.

Regular mantra chanting will help you to win over court cases.

Mantra astrology

Mantra has a lot of power in it. It will prove to be beneficial for you if you do it with all your devotion. Mantra can only generate the revenge spirit out of your body and make it conscious. You will be able to target and transfer this energy through mantra chanting and achieve success over your enemies.

Beware of fraud

Contact and consult us for best astrological remedies for your protection over enemies. Do not fall prey in the traps of mega frauds ruling over the internet.