Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage
Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage
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Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage, Love marriage vs. arranged marriage is a very famous concept in India. Members of most of the families at least once in their lifetime come across this juncture. According to some statistics, 75% of Indians choose arranged marriage.

Naturally, the percentage of love marriages in India is low because Indian parents still have a conservative mindset, traditions, and stature. This means a great deal to them, many controversies every year happens on this kind of union.

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage
Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Love marriage means a union between two people who’re marrying out of their love for each other with or without the family member’s consent. Traditional and religion biases create the thorn in a peaceful marriage these days.

It results in lovers fleeing and marrying at some faraway land, and they never get to see their families again. Despite them missing their families, they can’t visit for their families are already erasing them.

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

But society, stature, and caste should never come between two people genuinely in love. These options are created which you can use to convince your parents if they are against the marriage.

This will save you from the possibility of losing your relationship with your family forever. And at the same time, you’ll be marrying the person you love. Well isn’t that a win-win for everyone?

Vashikaranmantras to convince parents for love marriage :

  1. Place a jug of water under the sun. Look at it and think about yourself as a bride or groom around ten times. Then chant “I need to get hitched soon” and put the water on a plant. Continue this for one month, and you will be successful.
  2. During you puja chant the Ganesh Mantra- “OmmSharigaaneshaaamVidhaneshaaamVivaahaaahaaarthaeTeNaamaaaaha”
  3. Chant the KamdevVashikaran mantra on hold or Diwali before sunrise or sunset for 108 times. “TaatouYaayouRaaaampurogmaaihaaShaaaanehaa
  4. Another effective KamdevVashikaran Mantra is.

“Dhaaaaamdhaidhaudhaujaatihapaatnivaam vi vu vaagdhaisharivri
Kraamkrimkrumkaalikaadevishaaashaeemshau mem shaubhaaamkaaru”

Make sure that you’re ready for a commitment of this state:

 First, before going to your parents with such big news, you’ve to ensure your stability with your partner. Also that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for throughout your bachelor life in the relationship.

Generally what happens is that parents care about their children and fears that a wrong person will ruin their life. So, they will naturally try to convince you that the person is wrong.

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Now, if you are not sure about your relationship, you won’t be able to convince your parents. You can approach a professional astrologer to seek help. This will help you understand the nature of your relationship astrologically.

Don’t make a sudden announcement about such big news :

Keep in mind that your parents are very frightened about your future in every aspect. Indian parents generally tend to be very much connected with even adult lives of their children.

So if you suddenly come home one beautiful day and say that you’re going to marry that girl, it’ll scare your parents more. And the process will never be peaceful.

So you’ve to leave subtle direct or indirect hints from the very beginning. You can also make sure that both of your families meet. In that case, you will have to seek help from a good astrologer. He will help you to make the best out of that meet.

Let your parents know that you’ve become mature and responsible:

You’ve to remember that your parents still think you to be a kid and that is their perpetual thought. Indian parents tend to believe their children as the same immature one as a ten-year-old.

So before stating your choice ensure that your works of achievement speak more of you as a mature one. If you fail to make them believe that you’ve become mature enough, they’ll never trust your choice.

Especially about the person, you want to spend your life with. So you should approach an astrologer who can match your kundalis. They can also make a horoscope, and your parents will be convinced if they see that.

Give examples of such marriages in your family which are successful:

If your parent’s main problem with your relationship is the caste or religion of your partner, who doesn’t match with yours, one of the best options is to find examples of such successful marriages.

If you can see a sizable amount of weddings in your family which are successful, you’ll have a better chance to convince your parents.

In understanding that if those factors don’t match, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage will fail and the example won’t. That’ll also prove your point and make sure they understand that you’re serious about it.

Stay away from taking any sudden decisions:

This is a large and massive decision that you’re going to make that can and will affect your life in every aspect. So it’ll not be wise to make any rash decisions about the marriage.

Mantra To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

If incompetent in convincing your parents, then you must think about what you’re going to do next calmly. You can take the help of an astrologer who can give you some tips about what to do next.

He will also give you some astrological totka to help you overcome the problem. But if you take any quick decision without thinking about it, you’ll end up losing a lot of your loved ones.

Also, your love marriage may not complete and even happen peacefully. Don’t upset your parents more, which may close any path leading to a solution to your problem.

Marriage is a big thing, and if you’re sure about your partner, you should go for it. You do and should always have the freedom and liberty to choose whoever you want to marry.

Having said that as the Indian parents are compassionate, don’t take any ego fulled decision. Seeking help from astrology will be an excellent option for you.

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