Remove Negative Energy Hanuman Mantra

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Remove Negative Energy Hanuman Mantra

Remove Negative Energy Hanuman Mantra, Lord Hanuman is the destroyer of all evils. It is believed that whenever anyone is in trouble and takes Lord Hanuman’s name is immediately relieved from that trouble. I personally have utmost faith the powers of worship that is offered to Lord Hanuman. He  also symbolises of immense strength and Humility. His devotion towards Lord Rama is a known to the whole world.


All kinds of negative energies vanish with the very mention of Lord hanuman. At times our mind gets captivated by negative energies. That weakens our decision making ability and cause lot of mental harm. To overcome the ill-effects of negative energies there are various mantras of Lord Hanuman. Few of those mantras I will be discussing here.

Hanuman mantra to remove negative energy

“Om haaam haaanumaantey Naamo Naamaaha

Sree haaanumaante Naamo Naamaaha

Jaay Jaay haaanumaantey Naamoha Naamaaha

Sree Raam Dulaaaare Naamoha Naamaaha”

This mantra removes all the obstacles coming from the negative energies. There are many free spirits moving around the universe. Some of them are bad and some are good. The bad evils create negative energies and surrounds a person’s mind when the person is emotionally very weak.

Hanuman mantra to remove evil spirits/evil eye

When any negative spell attacks a human soul it destroys the whole life. At times the whole family gets disturbed. The Hanuman mantra to remove the problems gives a guaranteed solution to these negative energies.However, to use these mantras in effective way you should take help from the experts in the form of Pandit ji who worships Lord Hanuman and he will be performing the mantra with the right rituals.

“Aum Namo haanumatey Bhaaybhaanjanaya Sukhaum Kuru Phaat Swahaa”

This mantra of Lord Hanuman also has kills any kind evil spirit that is wandering in your life and also saves you from the evil eye of a person.

Hanuman mantra to remove all problems                                                                                                      

God has designed our life with equal share of Sorrow and happiness. We experience all highs and lows but sometimes the low period ceases to end. We get overburdened by the negative events that keeps reoccurring over the period of time. To remove certain problems of life there are effective Hanuman mantra that can lesson or remove the problems from our life.

“haum haanumantey Rudraatmakaay haum Phaat”

This mantra helps to get rid of the rigid problems of our life. The process to chant this jaap are the following:

  1. Get up early in the morning and take a bath
  2. Find a quiet place and use a clean mat to sit
  3. You have to sit East and North facing
  4. Put a nicely framed picture of Lord Hanuman
  5. Now close your eyes and Imagine the Rudra Image of Lord Hanuman. Think that the rays of million suns are reflecting from his face and he is sitting on an aasan wearing the sacred thread. They say the following line in your mind.

O Lord Hanuman you are an embodiment of power and vigour. Nothing is impossible for you. Please protect me form the negative spells”

After saying this line in your mind start the jaap for either 540 times or765 times. The jaap should be continued for 40 continuous days. Once you complete the jaap don’t stand immediately but sit and meditate for a moment and tell yourself that Lord Hanuman please except my prayers and shower your blessings upon me. Protect me from the unseen and challenging problems of life and given me enough strength to fight with my problems.

Hanuman mantra to remove black magic

Once a person is struck with Black Magic it is very difficult to get rid of its evil effects. But the continuous jaap of lord hanuman gives you the strength to overcome the ill-effects of Black Magic and destroys its dangerous spells. The other name of Lord Hanuman is “Sankatmochan” and this name implies that he is takes away all the “Sankat” from our life. The Hanuman mantra to remove the black magic is:

“Om haim Bhaairav Bhaairav Bhaay Ker haer Maa Raksha Raksha haum Fut Swahaa”

This mantra has miraculous powers to destroy the spell of Black magic. If this mantra is done with pure faith and dedication, then its certainly going to kick away the obstacles of life. This mantra draws its strength from Lord Hanuman which makes it even more powerful.While reciting this mantra keep thinking that Lord Hanuman will protect you and will bring you to his shelter. He will ward off all the negative energies around you and bless you forever.

You can also recite the dohas of Hanuman Chalisa. If you read Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays it is considered very auspicious and you will able to please Lord hanuman and benefit from his blessings. In Hanuman Chalisa the Dohas were composed by Tulasi Das ji whom Lord Hanuman inspired and guided to write the events of Ramanya.

Each Doha of Hanuman Chalisa talks about every God so if you are reading hanuman Chalisa you getting the blessings of all God. Lord hanuman is also very dear to Lord Shiva, so if you worship Lord Hanuman by reading Hanuman Chalia then you will be also blessed by Lord Shiva.

A person who regularly chants the Lord Hanuman mantra is always safe from any kind of Evil energies and Black magic.

The process to chant the mantra are the following:

  1. Use mala having 108 beads it can be of Lal chandan or Lal moonga
  2. Red Aasan
  3. Red Flower
  4. Red Fruits
  5. Red clothes

The total times you can chant the jaap can be 11,000, 21,000 or 31,000 Best time to chant the mantra is early in the morning. Lord hanuman is a personification of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. So if you worship Lord hanuman you will get the blessings of both the Deities. Lord hanuman is full of Love and Compassion and is very easy to seek his Blessings.